How many times over the past six years have I written an ‘I’m back’ message on here then a few months later deleted everything I’ve posted in a fit of self-loathing because I can’t write for shit? Too many to remember. I’m not saying this time is going to be any different, it probably won’t be, but I’m going to try my best and I’m not going to pressure myself into writing anything. If it happens it happens and if it doesn’t nobody is likely to be around to hear it fall anyway.

A few months ago I decided to stop using Flickr to host my photography, really I’d decided about two years previously when I stopped uploading anything new but now I wanted it all off the site. It took me until two days ago to remember what the Email and password combo were, I was nearly at the point of saying ‘fuck it’ and giving up before I suddenly remembered. I hadn’t seen most of the photos in at least a year so it was like having a chance to view them with fresh eyes which was good because it turns out that of the 504 on there about 430 of them were boring as fuck. Well taken, perfectly fine to look at, but nothing about them was interesting, much like your MCMs & WCWs. If you look on the left of your screen you’ll see a ‘Photography’ link (or on the above drop down menu on other devices) which is where I’m going to be putting up the few images which were ok along with stuff I’ve taken more recently so let me know what you think.

I’ve also added a page with some of the videos I made a few years back because even though I had an annoying phase of putting footage in reverse I still like them.

Okay, I think that’s all I want to say, I’ll Tweet a link if I ever post again.


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