French & Freddie

French Montana and Freddie Gibbs were easily my two most listened to Rappers of 2013, with French’s ‘Excuse My French’ and Gibbs’ ‘ESGN’ getting more plays than I can count (How do I get play counts up on iTunes? Nah actually, don’t tell me, fuck iTunes mate, clicking update is a major life regret). Somehow Gibbs actually escaped my attention until last year but when I went to follow him on Twitter it turned out he was already following me, because real recognise real obviously. French has yet to follow back #NoShots, but he’s started this year off well with the great Coke Boys 4 mixtape (Get it HERE).

This is Episode 17 of Coke Boys TV and I don’t usually fuck with these tour/behind the scenes vlogs but the title had Julius Caesar in it, and do you know who Julius Caesar is? That’s French’s pet monkey, how can you not love this guy? Watch the video below just for the “Hold up, let me change your diaper, sit! Julius!” scene.


And this is Gibbs’ new video for ‘One Eighty Seven’ off ESGN, directed by John Colombo.


We Destroyin And Rebuildin

Around the beginning of November last year I deleted everything on here because it was shit. If ever you’re lucky enough to spot the rot in something it’s usually just best to burn it to the foundation and give yourself room to start again. has never been anything special, it started as a distraction while I was at University, somewhere other than Facebook where I could post some bullshit and self important opinions on stuff even I didnt really give a crap about to convince myself I was too busy to write essays. That was a long time ago. Last year it turned in to a book review site and I put up 60 or so reviews over the year which drummed up followers and views, but they were no good and had to go too. I wasn’t sure I’d be back, and it hasn’t exactly been a lengthy break, but I’ve been Ill for the past week and with illness comes terrible decisions, so here I am.